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Pinnacle Peak Landscaping is a family owned business that was founded and created in order to provide unique and detailed landscapes at affordable prices. Our discerning clients receive design services and all aspects of residential landscape construction from a single source.

We utilize highly skilled crews that range from 4 to 12 individuals. The exact make up of the crew who will work at your home is dependent upon the type of project that you desire. For example, skilled masons will complete projects such as building fireplaces, stone and cantera installation and courtyard wall construction. Flooring experts will be responsible for installing flagstone and many different types of pavers. By utilizing crew members with specific skill sets, we are able to more efficiently complete the various phases of construction on complex installations.

Each crew is led by a single Project Supervisor who has a vested interest in completing your home in a manner that exceeds expectations. Our greatest compliment is a satisfied customer who is excited about their home and eagerly tells others about their experience with Pinnacle Peak Landscaping!

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